Eyelash extensions are truly addictive, amazing and they really open up the eyes. You don’t need or can’t use mascara with them and after 24 hours of the glue setting.  They are 100% waterproof. To help with their longevity, you must keep anything oily away from them as this weakens the glue and makes them lift. It is also important not to rub, pick or sleep on them.Whether you would like hair extensions for your special wedding day, any other occasion or you’ve just always wanted longer thicker hair, I am now offering this service.


Hair extensions are also known as the hair integration which is utilized to add length and density to hair. The hair extensions made from natural human hair is tailored to give you astonishing and beautiful looking hair, is available at HAMA Salon. We seamlessly integrate with your real hair giving you the most common and natural look. Hair extensions are a new and fun way to get longer and thicker hair immediately which does not include the glue-in and messy hair integration methods that can fall off any time with Hair Extensions in Delhi.